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Black Feng Shui Divination Sphere with Stand (40mm/50mm/60mm)

Black Feng Shui Divination Sphere with Stand (40mm/50mm/60mm)

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The material of this quartz ball is k9 crystal, which is one of the highest quality optical glasses, it's more transparent than other materials and does not easy to have impurities and bubbles. Great for collection of feng shui items, crystal ball for witchcraft, divination, and meditation purposes, also can be used as magic props.


Color: Black

Material: K9 Crystal

Diameter: 1.6 inch/1.97 inch/2.4 inch

Net Weight: 2.82 oz/5.71 oz/9.17 oz

Country of Origin: China


Fengshui Ball/Fish Tank/Vase Filler/Sun Catcher/Photography Crystal Ball/Home Decoration

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